You're building a proof-of-concept, not launching satellites. It should be easy to send an HTTP request but every example you see makes you more confused because of the unexplained use of async/await!

Is using async/await required? If so, what exactly is requiring it? The library? The language? What's with the .await? syntax? How much do you have to learn before you can just get something working?! 😠

All of this asynchronous stuff can be confusing, so you'd rather not worry about it and just send synchronous requests. How can you do this?

The reqwest library can be used with or without async/await. To do so without, the blocking feature must be enabled. Ensure the project's manifest (that's the Cargo.toml file) contains the following.

version = "^0.10" # latest version at time of writing
features = ["blocking"]

Then in the code, the request can be created and sent like so.

use reqwest::blocking::Client;

fn main() {
  let request = Client::new()
    .query(&[("sort", "name"), ("limit", "8")])
    .header("Connection", "close");

  let result = request.send();

  match result {
    Ok(response) => println!("{}", response.status()),
    Err(err) => todo!(),